#136 hand-crafted mementos

Whenever I travel to different countries especially Europe, I cannot find locally hand-crafted mementos these days. Instead I find lots and lots of ‘Made in China’ goods.

Sad indeed. If I had wanted to buy any ‘Made in China’ goods, I could get these in Asia. Strangely many items I found overseas are not found in major China cities!

The days of hand-made creative crafts are lost.

Are we a generation without patience? Are we a generation who want creativity through speed…and perhaps to make money?

I remember seeing some hand-crafted wooden figurines in Bavaria, Germany made by an elderly gentleman. I recall his love and pride for his craftsmanship and I would pay for these. On subsequent visits in the 1990s, I could not find these…perhaps the elderly gentleman had passed away. What a shame…for such dying trade!

Many young complaint there is no job…perhaps in the cities, but there are things one can do in the creative line.

Similarly when I’m in Australia or New Zealand. There were some creative recycled and interesting hand-crafts or drift wood crafts which could be found in the past, but today…? Mind you, many of these are not cheap but there are those who appreciate and treasure such.

I have found many beautiful and refine hand-crafted souvenirs or mementos in the West in the past…today?

Where have creativity gone?

#135 love

Love is a feeling to be learnt…through self-discovery — not through seminars though!

There is pain in love. Sometimes, one feels gagged. Of course there is joy and elation…sunshine all day…

The best description found on love is from the Bible in 1 Corinthians 13.

Love is patient,

love is kind.

Love does not envy,

love does not boast,

love is not proud.

Love is not rude,

love is not self-seeking,

love is not easily angered,

Love keeps no record of wrongs.

Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.


Love always protects,

Love always trusts,

Love always hopes,

Love always perseveres.

Faith, hope and love:

the greatest is love.


Measuring against these characteristics of love, I fail miserably…nonetheless I shall strive on becoming a better person in spite of age.

#134 marketing eros

These days, you can make money virtually in everything and in every field and aspects of life — even teaching one how to fall in love (eros) between opposite sexes and how to maintain that relationship! Yikes!

Have we become robots?

It appears many Singaporeans are good at rehashing from books or that heard but on things of emotions or life? Low in EQ? Half a person? Surviving for the sake of surviving? Lacking in commonsense to life?

I know in American society this kind of seminars are available…I don’t know for what reason…perhaps a way of creating jobs and income.

Does this mean Singapore has to ape America on this?

Singapore has been a nation where many know the answers to everything and life but delivery or living out…?

People compartmentalise…able to take risks in businesses or money-chasing but in matters of love and life…?!

Once I overheard a conversation between two young saying that there is profit gained in wedding dinners. This could be said for divorces too.

Naturally someone is making money: caterers, restaurants, wedding boutiques and legal firms, to name a few.

#133 June school holidays

“How was your field trip to Beijing and Shanghai?” I asked my niece who is at primary 5 level at school.

She replied exasperatingly, “It was sightseeing.” 

I was flabbergasted. The school made her pay S$1500 for a 7-day trip to Beijing and Shanghai…making teachers and senior staff to tag along or be nanny during the long school break in June.

It was presumed this was a field trip in understanding how schools operate and perform in other parts of the world…and to give primary school level students exposure to Chinese language learning. They only spent 30 minutes in a school lesson. Naturally, one so young were not able to understand or grasp that the China teacher was saying.

I said, “If that was sightseeing, then you should be spending time with your parents and sister to go on tours! Surely not with your school friends and teachers during the long June holidays.”

What was the purpose of the ministry of education allowing the schools to bring students on the primary level giving parents the impression it was a field trip when that was for sightseeing?

What is the value to this 7-day trip to Beijing and Shanghai? If this was for sightseeing, surely parents would gladly tag along to take care their child — rather than having many teachers and senior staff spending their holidays with school students for such!

Besides $1500 spent on a trip with little value and purpose is extravagance…this sum could be a parent’s earning for a month!

#132 suicides

Japan has the highest suicide rate in the world.

Attributing factors: high cost of living; unable to service the debts — insurance one way to pay up the debt; bully; psychological state of heart and mind like loneliness…

The latest being the elderly taking their own lives…deteriorating health and escalating high cost of living expenses.

Will the world see more suicides among the elderly in days to come?

#131 a holy, evangelical scam

Yesterday on BBC International I heard the tail end of a conversation but I could not find the program to verify the accuracy of this write. Thank you BBC International for this snippet.

It appears there will be an evangelical website on the internet for anyone who believes in the end times — rapture. The user might have to fork out US$40 for membership fee. It seems this group is trying to do good works by giving those non-believers a 2nd chance! What a religious scam!!!

The word ‘evangelical’ refers to Bible-believing Christians. But this group is surely not true believers in the Christian faith — as a matter of fact, they could be classified in this act as ‘anti-Christ’ during the end days.

Christianity is about putting one’s faith and believing in the person and work of Jesus Christ. Christianity is not about the end times — or rapture.

If a person believes and walks in the way of the Lord Jesus and lived on the promises of God faithfully, surely one need not wonder about one’s salvation. If a Christian believer is not assured of his/her belief, then…

However, if this group is using this as a form of ‘do-gooder’ to give non-believers a 2nd chance to believe, then this thinking goes against the grain of one’s belief and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Is this group using the word ‘evangelical’ to their convenience?

Glad each one is answerable to God and God alone on judgment day — that is if one believes in the afterlife!

#130 colored welfare

Recently there was the blog which received great traffic flow — stuff white people like.

Shortly, I see blacks in the US wearing t-shirt with slogan, like I’m proud of black; I like being black. Previously if this word was mentioned, there would be short-fused and sparks appear!

The latest news in Africa (South Africa) is welfare or help provided if and when the Chinese classified themselves under the black category!

Have the Africans not exacerbate their color issue– even at the government official level? Is this not one form of racism?

Welfare or help provided should be on the human level — this is humanity!