#115 public library users

Have you visited a public library where you find bags on seats and not a human being?!

Are these seats reserved? Are users allowed to reserve seats in public libraries?

I found out from the librarian — at the Central Library, officers were not allowed to remove the bags; at the Jurong public library, the officers were allowed to remove with a note and announcement aired for the public not to leave belongings unattended. There were announcements made that public library do not take responsibilities for any loss of personal belongings. Rightly so. If an individual wished to leave his/her belongings unattended, he/she deserved that.

In public places, like on trains, the public is constantly warned not to leave bags around or articles lest these are suspicious ‘you-know-what’…why are public libraries allowed?

At both these places — central public library and Jurong public library — I found university students leaving their files (with name of university on writing pad) and bags on the seats.

What manner of young do we have in Singapore? Are these the educated ones? Where is the social etiquette? Is this not a reflection of poor family education? Is this their right to a seat in an air-conditioned public places especially in a public library? Or, pardon me, behaviors some foreign students??? I suspect it’s the Singaporean young!

I find more using the library when the weather gets hot and during the school holidays.

You find all kinds of people — some well-dressed but dragged their feet in their slippers or slip-ons.

There is little self-awareness to noise…flipping of newspapers, walking and stomping feet of the little ones and, talking and laughing loudly, and chatting or answering the mobile!

There is clout about human rights…is this not infringing on rights of one in public places to a seat such as a public library — for browsing or reading?

I’ve enjoyed going to public libraries from a tender young age. I hope the new generation will not make life difficult for librarians or inconvenienced themselves lest should there be bomb scare or eventual bombed out places!!!