Most interesting! I received this sms on the recent happenings in China — when adding the single numerics, they all add up to 08.

  • On Jan 25, the snowstorm preventing many from returning home for family reunion at the Spring festival celebration — mother nature from the sky (天灾):   1+2+5= 8
  • Mar 14, human rights groups gathered in protest about Tibet during the Olympic Torch Relay — man (人huo):   3+1+4 = 8
  • May 12, the 7.9 richter scale earthquake in Sichuan — mother nature under the earth (地 zhen):    5+1+2 = 8

Coincidence? hahahaha…

The Olympic Games will be held in Beijing on August 8th, 2008:  080808!

#112 earthquake 4

A Time’s reporter wondering why the earthquake was not predicted (even when she knew earthquake was not predictable) when it first struck.

Alerting a tremor is different from predicting a tremor.

#111 earthquake 3

I continue to follow the earthquake at Sichuan with great heaviness. Like BBC’s James Reynolds shared — one cannot fully understand the scale of disaster or even describe fully that seen on sight.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/thereporters/jamesreynolds/ — on 16th & 18th May posts.

Yesterday at 2.28pm — that was when the 7.9 richter scale earthquake struck on 12th May, China observed 3 minutes of silence with sounds of air-raid and car and ship honked in respect of those who died; its national flag flown half-mast for 3 days of mourning. It was moving to watch on Phoenix channel (SCV) the nation of billions stood together in paying their last respect, many choked with tears and displayed their grief.

Though tens of thousands died, yet there was glimmer of hope and joy when survivors were found alive after being buried in the rubbles a hundred or more hours passed.

It’s amazing at the number of pictures and video clips available on websites…yet…