Are you one of those lovers of nature? Those who love to laze around in the night gazing into the sky or looking for the lucky star or…

These past few months of 2008 saw many natural disasters around the world. At least 25 tornados swept across the US, volcano rumbling in South America, devastating cyclone nargis in Burma (Myanmar) and the 7.8 earthquake in China and…

 I read that before an earthquake occurred, there would be an unusual burst of lights in the sky like auroras –green lights emit across the sky. (view Nasa images above)

Animals were the first to sense something amiss and behaved rather oddly; trees shook…

I guess many of us today clung on to our computers or laptops or stay indoors rather than outdoors. Perhaps we are too sophisticated to go out in the open and gaze or enjoy nature any more.

Living on an island city, I was never encouraged or taught to let self go and enjoy these simple pleasures of life. I know given the freedom, I imagine I would laze around discovering nature around me rather than follow parents’ good intentions. Parents encouraged us to make it in life…never laze around… Today I believe nature has much to teach us.

Will tomorrow find many worshipping mother nature? Back to those ‘cave dwellers days’ rather, the good ole ‘lazidaisical’ days?

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