May 1st is a public holiday…known as May Day or Labor Day.

But Labor Day is observed on different day and month of year in some countries like in Canada, this day falls on October 4th.

This May day was inspired by the first organised workers — stonemasons and building workers on building sites around Melbourne, Australia. On 21 April 1856, they marched with no pay loss from Melbourne U to Parliament House campaigning for an 8-hour day movement: 8 hours of work; 8 hours of recreation; and 8 hours of rest.

Today, many work around the clock…to survive or, hoping to get rich — an addiction for more money…

C’est la vie!

Update (2nd May):  Viewing the pictures on BBC International and that read on the news, I find many countries held protests for improvement on the humanity front and food/oil crises on May Day…Cuba, Belgrade, Pakistan (Karachi) Indonesia (Jakarta), Russia, Germany (Hamburg, Zurich), Turkey (Istanbul), Afghanistan (Kabul) and Philippines, even Singapore.

I realise that it is so very difficult for a nation to return to its path of peace and prosperity when there was little agreement or support from governing leaders with its people.


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