One common behavior you find on the expressway — car motorists snake in and out of a lane. If not, some hog the right lane…one virtually finds no cars in the middle or left lanes when there are 3 lanes. Then those motorbikes will sprawl themselves on the fast lanes zooming in and out!

Furthermore, a common scene sighted where those driving prestigious cars like BMW or Merc parking on double yellow lines — not wanting to pay for parking! Love to show off in driving one but behaving like rogues or cheapskates on the road!

I read news that an accident occurred on the PIE where the vehicle was overturned across the four lanes yesterday, on a Saturday. It took 6 hours to ease the jam. Mind you, Singapore has sophisticated way of informing the motorists when an accident occurs on the road. Why 6 hours?

Is this the result lacking in common sense to deal with the problem by the traffic department? Could the officers not able to cordone off and create a 2-lane to ease the traffic for motorists to reverse and also preventing more cars entering?

Or a situation where motorists are so self-centered that they prefer to vent their anger and sit on the mess?

Why are the general public not able to help resolve some problems together? Is this a case where those being paid are responsible to get the job done and to perform efficiently… Or this is none of my business as I’m not paid to do the job…but my responsibility to play the blame game?!

What is education today? Where are we going? What kind of persons have we become? What kind of society are we building or becoming?

I know of situations when living overseas where a good was accused for foul-play! Is this developing here? Protect self first and blame…