#94 youth olympic games

Singapore will be the 1st nation to host the Youth Olympic Games in 2010…i.e. in less than 800 days. The opening ceremony will take place on 14th August with closing ceremony on the 26th instant.

This event is for the youth aged 14-18 years, a stepping stone to the Olympic Games.

Many countries in the world trained their young in anticipation to the Olympic Games…

There will be no record keeping for this YOG…interesting. The reason being — not to put pressure on winning but… What is the incentive to participate in the YOG? How is the young to be educated in the spirit of sports? 

I have many questions…

Where is the venue to be held? At the different locations in Singapore? Seating capacity?

How much will this YOG costs the nation? Budget is $75 million…without factoring in inflation costs? (I read that the Olympic Games to be hosted in UK was under-estimated.) Is the budget for the event of 12 days only? What about the venues to host such?

What is involved in hosting such an event?


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