When a patient comes to see a medical doctor in a private clinic, the first thing a doctor asks, “What’s wrong with you?” He diagnoses the patient’s problem accordingly and offers a prescription to the best of his knowledge and ability in a given situation.  

Of late there are so many unhappy voices over the way matters are handled and managed by some governing leaders. These concerns aired are legitimate…what concrete steps have these voices come up with? Will these voices be willing to sacrifice themselves for change? Can they come up with alternatives? Can these voices bring in the alleged suspect and root themselves as heroes and champion their cause?

What should a leader do when a grievous mistake made on the national front? Should the senior executives be axed or let off? Are there competent personnel to replace the outgoing? Or, a situation calling for a choice of two evils? In this given situation, what is accountability?

It is easy to analyse a situation but…what concrete steps can one take to prevent another mistake from taking place again?

Are there any willing to take the responsibilities and sacrifice themselves for truth and integrity? Will those who are able to see the problem, take concrete steps to rectify the problem? (Money and personal security aside.)

What is freedom of press? What is truthful reporting? Can a journalist be fully truthful in reporting that he sees at a given place and time?

A journalist needs to know the pulse of the people and report accordingly. What is the new school of journalism? What is the old school? Which is better?

Today journalists are murdered on the international scene for their passionate reporting…are these the heroes?

One hero I held in high esteem is a Filipino medical doctor, Dr Jose Rizal. In the end, he faced the firing squad for speaking out the truth in his prolific writings.

Will I find one here in Singapore?