Responsibility and accountability are words reflecting and having implications.

If something drastic or major event happened, inevitably those on the front line will be the first to be made accountable for action.

However in situations when a senior person or top management personnel is in charge, given the portfolio to oversea, should he not be held accountable and necessary action deemed fit? Removing one might not be a solution unless…

Are the frontline officers not competent or are they not taught to see the importance and take pride in performing their tasks? If so, the supervisors need to train their subordinates to find meaning in the tasks performed and the respective line officers to take pride in their jobs, no matter how menial or insignificant. Is this not team work?

This situation of a terrorist suspect escaped creates insecurity to the public and lacking confidence in leadership.

(Hoho…for me, I do not feel safe walking from Bukit Timah Hill to MacRitchie Reservoir stretch alone any more!)

Why was he not found yet? It’s almost two months — 60 days!

As member of the public, I’m concerned and disappointed.

Singapore is a small island and well developed, why has the suspect not been found? Is it difficult to comb such a small island? What plan or plans had been put in place? Even with the help of the public?

Personally, unless the suspect is found, this inquiry (COI) makes little sense to the public. This is important for those in responsible positions… In fact I’m sorry to say this has created greater lack of confidence in our leadership.

I know our present government is trying level best to be transparent but…