I read this from BBC international news online.


(I do not know if I’m allowed to link  this…if I’m violating, can someone let me know. Thank you.)

During the late 1970s, I’d met Africans who spoke immaculate Chinese as these ones received scholarships to study in China. I was told then that China had some form of ties with Africa even during the Mao regime.

In terms of figures mentioned, it seems colossal profit but who can tell what will happen tomorrow? Human beings have a way of ‘bungling’…

Contracts drawn up between any two parties are never equal…even at the business level in corporations or companies in the world…a 60-40 or 51-49 at best. If a contract can bring in some good, why not? Dealing with the best of two evils when necessary?

I didn’t understand what colonial rule was until I stayed in Hongkong briefly. Basically HK was obligated to send an annual sum to the UK…how much I don’t know in return for their sovereignty.


#84 marketing politics

I’ve been following the American Hilary-Obama ‘reality’ online show…occasionally.

Recently I saw a review on this book, ‘Greater Good: How Good Marketing Makes for Better Democracy’ by John Quelch and Kathleen Jocz. I’ve yet to lay my hands on the book though…

Marketing democracy? Americans have interesting ways of improving issues like voters apathy…or marketing the candidates…or fine tune the political process(?) and blah, blah, blah.

Another sophisticated gimmick for opportunists to make millions?! Corruption?

On the recent ‘Malaysian political tsunami’, the results surprised the UMNO candidates. The prime minister was taken aback…he thought he was doing ok until… Naturally the blame-game starts and makes demands…

Well, what do you reckon? Are voters dumb? Is there such thing as voter apathy? Complacency?