#81 elderly statesman

What a sad state for the people of a country when an elderly statesman does not know how to relinquish power and graciously make way for younger leaders to take the baton to rule!

One example today is the President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, 84 years old, is clinging tight to his power. Though the economy is ailing fast and the people have to queue to buy food, yet he is oblivious. Such is the accursed state of an elderly man.

The leaders of a country are either a blessing or bane. In Zimbabwe, the leaders are paralysed because none is willing to make way for the sake of the people. If there is a change in government, many of the leaders will have to go.

So it is the few in the governing authorities that create the sufferings of the masses.

The queue to buy food lengthens and inflation rocket high…will the people revolt one day?


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