What IS human rights?

What is man entitled to on earth? What is man entitled to born in one’s country?

Is this not man’s right — to be able to bring food to the table and feed his family and a roof over his head? Providing for his family builds his dignity and being.

Is this not what the present lot of the Chinese leaders are trying to do? (I’d be accused for being naive…am I?)

Is economic success not the road to free man’s plight of poverty and repression?

Is politics or boycotts the way to building man’s dignity today? Talk is cheap. Everyone can offer ideas but… Only those able to translate and implement to bring peace and prosperity have a say…

The only one action for any governing leaders today is to create jobs for a man to feed his family and a roof over his head!


7 Responses

  1. In Singapore, we have a more pressing issues than human rights… that is the rich scoundels. Hahahahahaha…

    Their rights are nightmares to others.

    Guess I’d try to make a link to yours as well.

    It’s only fair.


  2. Hi Elfred. Yep…perhaps u could jot these for discussion in your blog. Thank you.

  3. Human rights? Yeah~ Maybe I’d touch on that if that is your interest. Hmmm…

    Basically… it’s gonna be a sensitive subject.

    No need to thanks. It’s just blogging. 😉

  4. Please write in lay-man’s term…not the convoluted thesis. What I’m afraid is we use the different shades of this to our glee!

  5. Hmm… Convoluted thesis…?
    See how… I am writing for your subject next.
    I usually see politics a bit… whatever. But you’d get used to it, I believe. 😀

    Maybe you can blog about what you think of PAP.


  6. Hi. Pardon me, it’s not negative…convoluted thesis. It’s just that thus far that I read, I cannot make head or tail of that I read. I’d like a concrete understanding on this subject that has been the contention of debate on Olympic Games.

    Unfortunately the leaders of the world are the biggest culprits who play the child’s games — gimme n takeaway!…and the people have bear the brunt!

    Haha…I’m not smart to put thots on PAP lah! Thank U.

  7. …the discontent on Beijing Olympics…

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