Yikes…I read Archbishop Desmond Tutu chipped in his bit mixing politics and sports in San Francisco! What and why is a religious leader participating protest in urging boycott for the Olympic Games?! (Sic!)

SAN FRANCISCO — Nobel Peace Prize laureate Desmond Tutu said Tuesday he supported international protests surrounding the Olympic torch and urged world leaders to boycott the games’ opening ceremony in Beijing over China’s human rights record.

The retired Anglican archbishop from South Africa also called on China to negotiate with the Dalai Lama, the Tibetan spiritual leader and fellow Nobel Peace Prize winner, who is seeking autonomy for Tibet.

Tutu praised protesters who have put themselves on the line in Paris, San Francisco and elsewhere to protest last month’s crackdown in Tibet, which claimed as many as 140 lives.

In particular, he applauded three climbers who hung pro-Tibet banners Monday from the Golden Gate Bridge. (Los Angeles Times April 9, 2008)


What would my Lord Jesus Christ say to this? Jesus Christ set His face on the cross to redeem and reconcile man to God and He did not use the political platform!

I hope and pray the Chinese and Tibetan authorities will be wise in handling those who would disrupt the Olympic Torch and not take the hard line on those protestors.

I hope the Tibetans will claim the significance of that the Olympic Torch stands for — peace, unity and hope. May the flame of peace, unity and hope shines brightly there. May the Tibetans respond and claim from the Chinese authorities that is rightly theirs in a congenial way. I suspect many Tibetans do not know the significance  of the Olympic Torch…if they did, they dampened their rights!

In January when I was visiting China traveling freely, I received vibes from the locals — they wonder about their enjoyment of openness to the world after the Olympic Games. Now I understand a little of their concern.

I certainly hope those of us in the open world will not put the Chinese in a difficult position…

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