I love watching the Olympic Games. Every country that hosted the Games have always been the best…the joys and jubilance. The athletes and sportspersons are a great inspiration…their persistence, diligence and fortitude in perfecting their skills! Oh what joy to watch the display of their talents!

However, I felt sick viewing the footages of protests on the Olympic Torch relay. This is sheer folly and downright disrespecting the sportsmanship and spirit of the Olympic Games.

I agree these words expressed by…

Swedish IOC member Gunilla Lindberg said the protests were “damaging the Olympic movement”…

…”Using the torch this way is almost a crime. This is the property of the IOC, it is not a Chinese torch.”


Personally, what has the championing for human rights got to do with the Olympic Torch relay? By boycotting the Olympic Games, will this bring peace or free Tibet? I wonder…how naive indeed!

What do the protestors want? What do they want to achieve? Is this human right?

They’ve just displayed a violating of human rights themselves by their sickening behavior!

How do they propose to ‘free Tibet’ when they are so angry, violent and chaotic at the different venues of the countries the Olympic Torch graced?

The Torch represents hope, unity and peace. 

I believe this is what the protestors want but…their very presence and actions contradict that the Torch stood for.

Have the protestors missed the mark by being so aggressive and angry? Have they not mocked themselves?



The Olympic Torch is a symbol for peace.

Let this symbol of peace be on the land of Tibet and countries that it travels to.

Peace and prosperity is what the Tibetans need and want.

I hope this Olympic Torch will shine brightly at the Olympic Games in Beijing, the capital city of China.

May peace reign wherever this Torch is lit.



The Olympic Torch is a symbol for peace.

Looking at the pictures (unfortunately I’ve not been able to post pictures on my blog),  the faces of protestors looked agitated and angry…these show they are not peace protestors. They’re more agitators. Protests always bring the worst out of the human beings, no matter how peaceful!

The London and Paris leg of the Olympic Relay give a good indication why the Chinese authorities have to quell the protest groups brewing in China.

Where are the leaders of the human rights organisations now that such chaos and unhappiness created in London and Paris? Are these leaders happy to see such sights? Are these leaders encouraging such unrests and unhappiness?

Where is the Dalai? Is he happy to see such rallying behind him on Tibet? Is this what his religion want and calling for such?

I imagine when this Torch arrives in the US, we shall see more interesting sights of unrests and chaos!

So some political leaders are calling for peace talk… Can peace talks reach any concensus at such short time? I’ve yet to read of peace talks reaching consensus under such circumstances! 

The protestors in Paris claim a win but are they? Where is the win-win?

Using the Olympic Games platform to air the national grievances of Tibet is sheer folly…under the banner of human rights? What is human rights in all this chaos and unrests and agitation?

Are these protestors trying to snuff out the Olympic Torch for peace?