I’m sorry about those ‘disrespectful’ comments made in the latest article (April 5 by Andrew Loh) written at theonlinecitizen.com. Comments should be made on the issue of the article and not attacking another personally. Ashame and regretful that I left my comment there. I believe I’m living in a different generation where there is little self-censor to what is written publicly and what not?

I agree with Elfredinario (Elfred’s Enclave) that our MM had spoken about Singaporeans’ complacency in a general context for some time now. Lifting a passage out of context to draw remarks is immature and unkind, not mentioning it’s unethical.


2 Responses

  1. Who may this be, Gleechoo?
    Have we met?

    I reach your blog via a new google blog search…

    It’s very funny that google normal search engine can’t reach me, for now.

    The TOC lots are… whether they are right or not, say if MM is ‘drawing’ them out so that the gahmen has a reason to ban netizens, they probably will bite the bait.

    There are just too many anti PAPs and it is very tough to make them see where I come from.


  2. Hi. Strange…found me through new google blog search! Interesting.

    There’s a place to voice one’s opinions contrary to the grapevine but being rude…something I cannot stomach.

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