#61 heroes

There is an obsession these days about heroes on tv dramas…

Heroes are those who find creative responses to threats and obstacles.

Historically, great things were accomplished by those — pioneers and heroes — who were adept and adapt to changing circumstances, and they learn from their mistakes. The characteristics that stood out were flexibility and tenacity.

Today, flexibility is no more the reserve of those pioneers, rulers or heroes — in this day and age of enormous change and endless choice, this is required of you and I.


Yesteryears, a man and woman married for life — divorce was frown upon; live in one location for a life time; and held on a job all one’s life.

Today, it is not unusual to change jobs, spouses or homes every few years —

  • jobs: for better prospects and better money;
  • spouses: together for a few years and decided to call quit but remain friends;
  • a child having more than one daddy or mummy or having one parent only!
  • homes: upgrading for better image and for investment!