A China analyst on the BBC reckoned Chinese leaders do care what others say…so now I’m going to see the triumph of more threats of boycott at the Opening of the Olympic Games resulting from putting this prominent human rights activist in jail.

Well, with the slowing of world economy on the horizon externally and high inflation together with this recent Tibet unrest, and other pressing issues at home, we’re going to see the success of those wishing to ‘tame’ the Chinese leaders on the human rights issue.

Can the Chinese leaders afford to see unrests and protests brewing in Beijing climax at the Olympic Games to the proportion that of the recent unrests and protests in Tibet and neighboring provinces?

Should there be unrests during the Olympic Games especially its Opening, will China be severely criticised for poor security? Then leaders like Sarkozy is foresighted in boycotting the Opening for his own security lest the protests get out of hand (the writer is aware he was highlighting the Tibet issue. What has the Tibet unrest got to do with the Olympic Games?)!

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