Yesterday, we throw away worn out and tattered old jeans because the jeans have a hole in the knee.

Today, many will spend a fortune on the latest fashion — jeans with a hole in the knee! Wear worn out jeans to be hip!

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  2. Signs of a morally decaying society that has forgotten God, and lost touch with what’s really important, loving Him and loving one another!
    Happiness is not found in possessions, beauty, or ability; all of which are temporary and superficial.

    Change begins with Christ in us, yes? 🙂


  3. oops! that comment was meant for the post above. I just shake my head at the whole jeans thing; paying a fortune for ripped pants.
    How silly!

  4. faithwalk: agreed wholeheartedly. Thanks for your thoughtful comment.

    I can see you shaking your head! Haha…

    Great to see you. Peace.

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