I’d been thinking a lot about anger lately.  

I know anger is a normal human emotion…a fact of life. There is nothing wrong with anger per se.

The problem is when the anger gets completely out of control…when it won’t let go…when it does some real harm to others…when it lashes out irrationally and makes one regret after…when one cannot see the bigger picture or another’s point of view…

Cursing, swearing or colorful charged words start flying…thinking becomes exaggerated and overly dramatic!

I recall the remark once made by this elderly friend who brought me to a rodeo long time ago. The atmosphere was highly charged. The cowboy was challenged to stay on the angry bull for several minutes when released in the ring. Those who couldn’t stay on were thrown off the bull and flung in the air.

He said, “You see the cowboy just stay on it. He flowed with the energy of the angry bull.” Then added, “Just like taming our anger.”

Indeed, the cowboy did not pacify or try ways and means to take control of the bull. He did not stop the bull or bring it back to the pen. He just stay on it. The cowboy flowed with the energy of the anger. He knew by forcing the angry bull to calm down before he’s ready, would only make the bull angrier and panicked more.

Such is paradox of life…

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