#46 update

28 days sped by. Considering this is an island of a little more than 224 square miles and highly developed environment, surely there must be traces!

There were inconsistent reportings…he’s in Singapore and he’s not. Yesterday on news, a reckoning he is still here whereas days ago, news rendered he was in Indonesia!

Do we have able people on the task? Or, are the young too comfortable to treat this as serious matter.

Should there be terrorist attack, those bystanders and innocent ones are the victims and Singapore, a little island, will be dwarfed. All the years of building the island city will be destroyed if we nationals are not alert.

Today terrorism strikes at the most unexpected and revered and sanctioned places…hospitals, religious establishments, schools…and the innocent civilians! The classic being the 911 on World Trade Center in the US.

These leaders of terrorism treat the ordinary civilians as targets of their anger and hate — where man is no more human beings God created and respected!

When I first visited Saigon in 1974 with the Christian ship, LOGOS, I was astounded at how well kept Saigon city was. I was expecting a ruined city but no…if Saigon stood a ruined city, then that would be downfall for South Vietnam.

What was obvious were maimed young men around; funerals and coffins lay aplenty around the city.

There were vibes that should there be a change of leaders in the US — Nixon to Ford — the war would end.

The spirit there was one of tiredness. Many Vietnamese reckoned this was the American’s war and not theirs…that they were fighting for the Americans in their own country! When the spirit flag among those born in a country, there was little hope for triumph!

Subsequently, years later, I spent a year in a refugee camp, rather in a transit center in Bangkok, where refugees (from Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia) hoped for repatriation to a 3rd country. It was here I understood if those born in the countries did not protect their own lands, no one can. The plight of the refugees resulted as these people did not take pride in protecting and standing by their homeland.

Personally I fear for our island nation.

The first echelon of leaders sacrificed themselves to build Singapore to where she is today — many of us enjoy the fruits of their labor and sacrifices that gave us the prosperity and peace — and if complacency sets in, who is to blame when the land is being destroyed.

WE, the citizens and not just the leaders and those holding responsible positions. Naturally those leaders in government and high places, if they are Singapore’s true citizens, will battle and hold high their portfolios. I trust they would not shirk…like some international governing leaders lacking in integrity in the name of justification and casualness in assessing a situation.

Stand up for Singapore!