#45 buying happiness

I heard on the radio that ‘money can buy happiness’ and then read…

Elizabeth Dunn, a psychologist, at the University of British Columbia made a survey on 630(?) American volunteers. They were asked to rate their general happiness, report on annual income and detail their monthly spending including bills, gifts for themselves and others…to charity. It was found when participants were given $5 or $20 with specific instructions on how to spend it returned stating they were happier when that was spent on others.

Money can buy happiness — was this how she concluded? What were the variables and biases?

This kind of reporting is warped. Statement like — money can buy happiness — is not only frivolous but leads to misguided thinking.

Was not happiness found in the ‘act of giving’ rather than the money in buying the gifts? Or, having money to buy gifts for others that bring happiness?

Is spending on others that happiness flow? Or spending on others to feed one’s ego that momentary happiness flood?

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