I cannot understand the allegations made that China is severe and controlling harshly those living in Tibet and surrounding areas. If China had performed their task stringently, surely the protests would not be so widespread…

_44508208_445031241.jpgimage from bbc.com

The word ‘violence’ had been on the lips of many. Can the monks describe the violence forced upon them? ‘Violence’ is an emotive word yet means nothing if not concretely described.

Furthermore I heard from news that the protests began with the students (high schools or university?) in Gansu. If high schoolers or teenagers began this, common sense spells that that reported did not add up!

Vengeance or creating pressure groups or politicising cannot resolve!

3 Responses

  1. It’s a complicated issue in Tibet for most Singaporeans. The ‘control’ on Tibet has to be wise, not loose not stringent.
    The problem about Tibet is that after China gained control, development has been rather stagnant, hence backward when the time changes so fast.
    And that Taiwan is trying develop itself, when it is not under China’s control. Hahahahaha…
    Nice day!

  2. elfredinario: I wrote that reading contradicting reporting and offering my commonsense worth.

    If those ruling were consolidating their power and stringently controlling Tibet, then why was the unrest so rampant?

    Furthermore, getting school children or teenagers to take on to protesting? Surely, surely any sane persons would disallow such!

    Thank you for dropping by. Good day!

  3. Problem about governance is this…
    Your voice is only as loud as the other sane’s. Hahahaha…

    Have you heard of my infamous words:
    The laws are only meant for the sanes…

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