#38 celebrating 117th bday


Amai Cering (left) with her great granddaughter. [Xinhua]

Wow! Born on March 16th, 1891! Amai Cering, a Tibetan, had just celebrated her 117th birthday. From the photo I can see she has no wrinkle and her eyes still bright but like all elderly, her skin is darker in color. The oldest Tibetan alive?!

It’ll be interesting to find out the kind of foods she took. How she was able to keep so fit.

I know of a few Japanese elderly who wake up early in the morning at 4am to work on their farms. During my visits to China, I found many elderly fit and strong. I wonder if that was not the result of not overeating unlike many of us who indulge in good foods and pop vitamin supplements or, intake of birds nest or ginseng. I’d read several Taiwanese elderly who lived the US contracted cancer — a result of too much intake of red meat? Yet some who changed to tofu diet also contract cancer.

Do I want to live that long? I guess I would if I had something meaningful to do daily to keep me bright and youthful and happy and above all, that I’m fit and strong and mobile!

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