For the Christians this week is Passion Week culminating in the sacrifice of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, to redeem man through the power of His resurrection. Without the Resurrection, there is no Christianity (reference New Testament of Bible 1 Corinthians 15). The people at the time were expecting a political figure to help redeem them but God Incarnate chose peace through sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ.

This recent event in Tibet reinforces religious leaders should not engage in politics. The role of religious leaders or church ministers is to shepherd and offer constructive ways to building the community in an unassuming manner.

As I hear about the tension and violence in Tibet which gets worse by the day, it appears the situation is grave to warrant China to take a stern stand and for the Dalai Lama to contemplate stepping down from his religious position. What is really happening?

Why do human beings want to destroy one another? The sins of the forebears have created this dilemma? Is there reconciliation?

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