Currently there is this tv entertaininfo(?) program on ‘The Perfect Child’ — why ‘perfect’?

Can any human being be perfect? Does anyone want a perfect person around? Woe behold!

Why not a title like ‘My Child’? Every human being on earth is unique. There are no replicas!

If I have a child I would want this baby to grow up whole and be himself or herself…not an Einstein or Warhol or Leonardo or Confuscius! I would create a conducive place for the child to grow rather than being dictated by the media or pressured by those around me on how to raise a child.

I’ve known of mothers who having a little knowledge tend to be paranoid and in some cases the child was misdiagnosed as having mild autistism and so forth and so forth. Often times in all illness, there is a thin line one treads upon…which can be either way unless a clear-cut case.

A baby has his phases of growth. There will be a time when he/she will ask all the ‘why’ questions. Some parents get so antagonistic and often rebuked the child! If ever the child is curious, let that child discover. Channel or give the child things to see and touch. Naturally there are some difficult questions one cannot answer but let the child know that adults are not walking encyclopaedia!