A friend said, “The problem with our nation today is there is no religion. We’ve treated one another like commodity. If there is value in another, there is interaction. Otherwise you’re discarded. This is the result of communism forbidding the existence of religions.”

Will believing in a religion make any difference to man? Will there be a softer and more sensitive conscience to rights and wrongs?

Consciously or unconsciously money has become a God today. Don’t get me wrong, it is important to have money. Without money one starves and problems arise. However exploiting one another to create wealth? I guess the expression ‘filthy money’ speaks for itself.


March 8th was International Women’s Day. This Day was initiated a century ago in 1907 in celebration of being a woman.

Today women are found almost in every arena of vocations and professions in developed countries. In developing countries, the status of women is gradually changing depending on the cultures and mores of the country. 

Fundamentally woman was created to complement the man. She needs to find her place and value in life.

Do women want to be equal with men?

Why is there the feminist movement?


She sobbed quietly, “All the good I did comes to nought…unappreciated! Misunderstood! I was told if you wanted others to love you, you must first love them. This is what I did but…I’m taken for a ride.” Ouch! This smart and hurt bad!