When I was younger, I had always looked forward to going to church. Perhaps those were impressionable years.

These days I seem less enthusiastic as I find the worship dull. Those who conduct the service seem to follow the rituals with little meaning in what they are doing. They are not convicted or devoted in their tasks. From the sermons preached, one senses the preacher did not prepare his sermons or that he has stopped growing in his understanding of God and his care for the congregation. Certainly something is amiss.

It appears the church has become more of a social club than a place of worship. There is little reverence and awe of the presence of God.

A consolation is the majestic gothic building…the high ceilings where one can look up and see through the side window panes the sky. Another, the words of the hymns describing tersely and succinctly the writer’s experience and inspiration.

There is little expression on each face and I’m sure mine is. When I smile to greet another, I find the person looks away; only occasionally there is returned smile. We sit side by side but not acknowledging. When the church minister called out to greet one another in peace, we follow the motion and we return to our dull disposition. Are we robots?

Where is life in the church? Where is the man whom God created to worship Him?

I’m sure those serving in the church must have loved God to believe they had received a call to serve Him…but what has happened or is happening?