Yesteryears when there was no ricecooker, one actually needs to sit around the kitchen to ensure the rice was not burnt.  We were aware of the time and were involved in seeing the rice cooked. Of course, to one not interested in cooking, this became a real chore and pain-in-the-neck.  

Today, through the ingenious of the Japanese who produce many consumer friendly gadgets, one just leaves the rice to cook and attend to other matters. In fact, we’re so advanced that we can set the timer for the rice to cook at the time we need without being physically present.


Why buy a house and not able to enjoy the home?

One slogs day and night just to earn enough to pay off for the house where one sleeps in for the night.

For the marrieds, when a child arrived, a househelp is employed to take care of the child and to keep the house clean and tidy for the couple to return at the end of the day.  


In spite of all the convenient gadgets, we are still lost…in communications, in relationships, in interactions…

As a matter of fact, we become more impersonal, hiding behind the gadgets yet trying to be transparent but… Quality of life?