#20 stitch by stitch

An artist has the talent to draw. For one without talent, I’m grateful for cross-stitch, a hobby I’ve always enjoyed. All I have to do is to follow instructions and stitch by stitch to build a picture.

It is a challenge as I discovered this tests my patience and concentration. If I’m not careful I’d make a mistake. Sometimes, I didn’t realise I’d made one until…and I’d swear at my stupidity.

Each mistake made means I’d have to unpick, venting and getting angry at self. Hm…two steps backward to one step forward. It is time consuming and sometimes discouraging! But then it’s good for my soul!

However my mind wonders as I cross-stitched… suddenly unhappy thoughts flashed without warning that open up emotional wounds. The old story played on and anger and frustration rose. I have to remind self the past is gone — forgive and forget — and not to play broken record.