Sad to receive news about terrorist leader suspect, Mas Selamat Kastari, of the Islamist militant group Jemiaah Islamiah had broken out of jail in Singapore. He had been detained since 2006 after extradition from Indonesia detention in 2003 for allegedly plotting attacks on official buildings and ‘foreign targets’ as well as the Changi Airport.

This was why Singaporeans are not allowed to post sites of buildings on blogs but then the official medium were allowed.

I wonder what is becoming of the tight security here. Are the young becoming more complacent or, incompetent in their jobs or, that the suspect broke jail with help from within and from foreign experts!? If a prisoner could escape from a jail, one wonders what next?

It will be interesting to find out how he escaped from jail though. This certainly gives the terrorist groups a sense of triumph!

Shortly after announcing Singapore to host the 1st Youth Olympics Games in 2010, this happened. Was there a concerted effort to undermine her security?

Whatever, this is certainly a good reminder that Singapore cannot afford to lax or be complacent on any account.

Lately Singapore has been praised highly on the news — has this become eyesore?

I recall when young, there was a joke about Singapore been a ‘fine’ city when the leaders would not give interviews to the press. If they did, they offered a few words and not willing to say more. Obviously the leaders were wise to keep mum on her internal affairs in the process of building the nation from scratch and during the turbulent period in this part of the world.