It appears many great artists and writers like Charles Dickens suffered insomnia in the past. They painted and wrote some of their greatest works when they were not able to sleep in the night.

Unlike today, insomnia is treated as illness or something negative and fretful…

So do those who work best at night and are late risers in the morning fall in the same catergory?


During my morning walks, I casually had a conversation with a lady walking her dog. She revealed she was in the process of getting divorce.

Is there a bug going around? Lately, I’d been hearing divorces and separations.

This case was 11 years marriage between a Japanese and an Indian. He was a much older man; and no children.

Is this marriage out of convenience? Instead of hiring a maid, this man married one to take care of him and his household? Will he honor his alimony since they are from different countries?