I once daydream about starting a bed-cum-breakfast garden lodging situated near a beach-cum-rocky coastline. A home away from home for a traveler, both young and old.

Recently in my travels, I came across this place that I’m really interested to fulfilling my dream. 

#10 upload pictures

I’m still trying to organise my blog site but…

I don’t seem to know how to post a picture on this page. I believe I’ve to optimise my photos but…

Dumb huh?


Dare I express that is churning inside me? Can I put into words that in my mind and heart?

As I write, there is disquiet which I do not understand. I had traveled and offered time volunteering but… Church activities are mere activities with little focus or meaning!

Are the honeymoon days over? Why the disquiet? Why the anger swelling? Why the unhappiness? Is this one phase of aging?

There are lots of literature on preparing the sunset years with enough cash but little on the psychological and social.